Tips for Hosting a Fun and Delicious Pizza Party

Who says kids get to have all the fun? Throwing your own pizza party is an excellent way to get friends and/or family together for a great time!  With a little preparation, you can have a whole lot of fun and enjoy some delicious food!



It’s Not the Quantity…It’s the Quality.  You don’t have to invite a ton of folks to party!  Having a few friends or family you love to hang out with over for pizza is the way to go!  Make it fun and special whether it’s for 2 or 50!

Prepare A Menu.  You know these folks so you can plan to prepare a few different pies based on what they like.  One of my guests was a vegetarian, so we had a meat and non-meat option.


Work ahead and Use Quality Ingredients . Prepare the dough, prep toppings and veggies and store them in airtight containers in the refrigerator a day before the party so you’re ready to go when guests arrive. It’s simple to make dough yourself.   I use Whole Note Baking Mixes.  One box of the 7-grain, gluten-free mix makes enough delicious dough for two pizzas!  The sauce was Jar Goods Classic Red.  You can’t go wrong with this super delicious, non-gmo, vegan, and kosher sauce.  Everything was drizzled with Napa Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  All of these goodies can be purchased at, where you can get fresh and natural foods in a tap!


Start with Snacks and Drinks.  A simple cheese and cured meat platter along with a glass of wine or beer are great ways to get the party started!

Put Everyone to Work!  The guests are cooking tonight and they won’t mind one bit!  One of my guests had never made pizza at home and he had a blast!

Keep It Simple.  Serve pizzas directly off the pizza peels or on wooden boards for a relaxed feel. Instead of a set table, stand flatware in tumblers on the kitchen island and serve wine in stemless glasses. This party should feel communal and convivial! Pile extra vegetables in a bowl or place herb bunches in jars or glasses to create an easy, informal centerpiece.

Leftovers are for Keeps (if there are any).   Keep aluminum foil on hand to pack up any leftover pizza for guests to take home — they’ll have lunch for the following day!   We weren’t that lucky.  All of the pies were eaten in what seemed like minutes!


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