Treat Your Garden to an End of Summer Makeover

There is still time left of the growing season.  Summer’s end can be a challenging time for gardens. Your garden may be looking a bit forlorn. What’s a gardener to do? Below are 5 quick and easy tips for an end-of-summer makeover to help your garden look good through the fall.

  1. WEED,WEED,WEED.  Weed  to make sure your plants get the sunlight, nutrients, and water they need.

    2. CUT BACK.
     Deadhead annuals and perennials. Fertilize annuals to bring back into active bloom for September until frost.

3. BE CREATIVE WITH YOUR FOLIAGE.  Fill in bare spots with plants with beautiful foliage – herbs are often a good choice. Plant sage, basil, rosemary, and oregano.

4. PLANT ANNUALS.  Although they only last one season, annuals can provide blooms until frost. Use them to fill in a perennial garden or containers where color is desired as a focal point in the fall garden. Check plant nurseries and garden centers — annuals are often discounted at the end of the summer!  Some great fall and winter annuals include sweet alyssum, pansy, viola, and snapdragon.

5. PLANT CHRYSANTHEMUMS. When garden-hardy chrysanthemums become available, select and plant them in late August or early September before flowers open. Space at least one hand’s width apart. Planting chrysanthemums before they bloom helps establish the root system, resulting in longer-lasting flowers. These plants will brighten up any fall garden and extend the enjoyment until spring-flowering bulbs are planted in late October or early November.

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