5 Flowers You Can Plant in Summer

Summer is here!  If your garden is looking a little sparse and you waited too long to plant bulbs, there are flowers you can plant  that can handle the heat and thrive in Summer.  These blooms will give you those pops of color you’ve been looking for.  Read on for a few of my faves!

Cone Flower:  These flowers are fast growers and attract birds and butterflies to your garden.

Marigolds: These beauties come in bright, warm yellows and oranges,  Marigolds are low maintenance and a must for your summer garden.

Zinnia:  Zinnias thrive in full sun and attract butterflies.  They are usually quite affordable and come in stunning colors.

Black-Eyed Susan:  One of the most popular wildflowers, Black-Eyed Susan are hardy and beautiful.  They will add a wonderful pop of color to any garden!

Verbena: This cascading, spreading flower looks beautiful in flower boxes, pots, and on retaining walls. Verbena comes in several colors and will give gifts all season long!

*Photos are from my garden.



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