Yes…Brown Skin Needs Sunscreen

Summer is finally here! And if you’re like me, then your summer is filled with hanging out poolside ,BBQ s and trips to the beach.  It’s all about the outdoors!  Before you step out to enjoy the weather and your skimpiest summer wear don’t forget your most important accessory, sunscreen.

Many brown skinned sun gods and goddesses believe the myth that if you have brown skin you don’t need sunscreen.  Everyone should wear sunscreen.  Darker skin just doesn’t  burn as easily as fair skin.  Neglecting to wear sunscreen can leave you susceptible to the evils of the sun–spots, burning, and skin cancer.

Always apply sunscreen to reduce your risk of burning and developing sun-damaged skin.  Don’t fall prey to the myth that sunscreen is a greasy, white, clothes ruining concoction, that no one wants to wear.  There was a time when this was true but now there are so many options to fit your sun- style and budget.  I use Coppertone Clearly Sheer because it has the SPF that I need for my skin.  The spray goes on seamlessly and it feels like I’m not wearing anything!  With a little research, you can find what works for you based on your skin type and how long you will be exposed to the sun.  Wear makeup daily?  No problem!  Try using a light moisturizer with SPF underneath your makeup or consider makeup that contains some form of protection for your skin.

Remember, brown skin is not immune to sun damage.  Wearing sunscreen will shield your skin from damage that was preventable in the first place!

Have a happy and healthy summer!

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