Yes It Matters! Choosing the Right Onion for Your Dishes!


You are excited to treat your friends to the Salsa you learned at a cooking class on your cruise to Mexico.  You open the fridge and find that you only have a bunch of scallions.

Should you   a) head to the market  b) use them, onions are onions  c) cancel the party

You should a) head to the market. You can use what you like but scallions shouldn’t be your choice for salsa making.  It does matter which onion you use!

1. Red Onions
These are a good choice for using raw, as in salads, garnishes or salsas. They’re also great when grilled and as onion rings.  They are admired as being the most beautiful of the onions because they maintain most of their color after cooking.

2. Scallions
Also known as green onions, scallions have a pleasing mild flavor that lends itself to using raw in salads and as a garnish for soups or pasta, as well as in quick-cooking dishes like stir-frys.

3. Yellow Onions
These onions are full bodied and can be put into almost anything. When cooked, they turn a light brown and add a tangy sweetness to your dish.

4. Vidalia
Vidalias can be eaten raw. When cooked, they make great onion rings and also add a caramelized flavor to pastas, roasts and casseroles.

5. Shallots
Shallots have a sweet, bold flavor that is Ideal in sauces and gravies, or sautéed and added to vegetable side dishes.  Shallots are sometimes mistaken for garlic because of their similar shape.

6. Leeks
Heartier than scallions; best when sautéed. Trim both ends and wash well. Slice thinly and use as a base for stews and soups or add to braised meat dishes.

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