Hurry Spring, Hurry!

I can’t wait to get into my garden again.  There’s  something magical about being in my garden.  No matter how stressful my life is, puttering around my garden seems to heal my soul.  When growing season rolls around, I will make time for my garden every single day without fail.  It just feels like something that I need.  And maybe I do need it.  Mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Alas, I can’t wait to get into my garden again.

We’ve had an incredibly wet and cold winter so far, and I’m hoping that spring will come early.  Can’t depend on the Groundhogs prediction this year, it’s a split decision.  I will just have to wait and see.  Right now I’ve got the winter gardening blues, and could use the pick-me-up.  I love my indoor houseplants but they aren’t as sociable as the plants outside in the garden.  I am appeasing myself with seed shopping, garden tool cleaning, and lots of dreaming about what’s to come.  Did I forget to tell you?  I can’t wait to get into my garden again!

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