Colorful Winter Blooms

I love marigolds for my fall/winter garden. Marigolds are easy, inexpensive, drought-resistant, and pest-resistant.  This makes them an easy choice for amateur gardeners, folks who tend to travel, and gardeners without a lot of time. Simply plant marigolds in your vegetable garden or flowerbeds and watch them flourish.

Marigolds bloom and bloom giving you beautiful bursts of color and fragrance long past October.  Ruffled, layered, and airy, marigold petals add a dose of nostalgia that evoke that fall feel.  Plant marigolds in burnt orange, sunshine yellow, burgundy red, or any color combo!

Marigolds aren’t just pest-resistant, they also drive bugs out of the garden. Plant marigolds near your veggie garden to protect your fall crop. Planting marigolds along your fence line will drive away deer and rabbits.

I love marigolds… They are just… You know… Awesome!


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